Banquet 2008
Cake provided by the Siegfried Family,
Thanks Guys!!
Did anyone bring beer??
Rick Beck taking it easy before the
We found beer!!!
Clockwise: Ken Bowen, Scott Torrence,
Gary Strauss, Bob Scheland, Joe
Reichenbach (in background) George
Harper, Nadine & Matt Landis
Hey do we have any Snoop Dog!
DJ Spurs (John Treby) eating one of
Allentown's finest cookies made by Rob
This isn't the Wii I was talking about!?!
Kristin & Rob Weller
Hey Rick any beer around here?
Dominic & Rick
Kiss me I am Irish... it is more like kiss my butt!
William Reichenbach (Joe and Rebecca's
Oh I am going to get you Steve!
Our League Champions, Mike Schiffert &
Vivian, Diana Holder (oh wait she came in
second) Steve Heimbach, Peggy Trexler,
& Anna Rosamilia.