Hall of Fame 2005
Congratulations to James F. Bachert and Peggy Trexler.
James being presented to by President
Greg Herman.

He is an exceptional bowler, brother,
friend, and always there to give guidance
to help others improve.  He has been an
influential part of this great league by
serving as a past president.  He has been
the voice of the little people, who he felt
had no voice in this historic league.
James F. Bachert and Peggy Trexler.
Peggy Trexler being presented by
President Greg Herman.

Every year she shows us why she is a
true teammate. She has been through a
lot, she is a survivor of breast cancer and
she still competes in life as she does in
bowling.  She is a good cheerleader and
very energetic.  She sets the example for
all women bowlers.