Hall of Fame 2004
These are pictures the night of the Hall of Fame Classic in 2004/2005.
I will pump you up (said with a cheesy arnold like accent)
Our President showing us why????
Why is he still holding my hand??
Greg presenting yours truly, Kevin the
man who knows his role and does his
secretary job well.
I should be smoking a cigar right now.
Greg presenting John Stine, the man who
is quitting the league every year. Welcome
back John LOL.
Greg and Donna.
Where's mine?
Greg showing the individual Hall of Fame
His dad kissed better LOL
Greg presenting Joellen, one of the very
best officers this league has ever seen.
(note: I am not saying that just because
she is my wife)
His father is fat.....
Trey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting early.