Saturday Nite Live By-Laws


These are the official By-laws of the Saturday Nite Live Bowling League for the 2016-2017 bowling season.  These By-Laws must be adhered to by all bowlers and enforced by the “Board of Directors”.


The “Board of Directors” consists of League Officers and Team Captains.

The League Officers are:

President – Nick DiBucci – 484-226-7318

Vice President – Mike Labar, Jr. - 484-602-4635

League Manager – Kevin Reichenbach - 610-703-6416

Sergeant at Arms – Richard Sloyer – 267-733-3859


Jordan Lanes 731 Jordan Parkway, Whitehall, PA 18052    610-437-2695

League E-mail-  = League Website –

Twitter - = Facebook - Saturday Nite Live Bowling League


United States Bowling Congress Rules


If a situation arises during the course of the season and it is not covered in these By-Laws, the USBC Rulebook will be consulted to solve the problem.  If the problem is not covered in either, then the League Officers will meet and make the decision.  Bowlers should contact their Team Captain or an Officer if a problem arises that needs the attention of the League Officers.

Amendment 316

Amendment 316 was added to further clarify bowlers conduct as defined in the USBC rulebook.

Definition of Harassment:  Harassment is sometimes hard to define, but may consist of using abusive vulgar language and/or engaging in malicious gossip toward fellow bowlers, threatening, intimidating, or coercing fellow bowlers, interference with others in their bowling performance, or performing physical acts of violence toward fellow bowlers.   The board of directors feels all bowlers should have the opportunity to bowl to the best of their ability in an environment that is free from harassment from other bowlers.  Therefore it will be stated in these bylaws that harassment will not be tolerated.  The league officers will investigate any harassment incidents which may arise and take appropriate disciplinary actions, up to and including discharge from the league.  Each team captain has an affirmative duty to maintain his or her team free of any type of harassment.  Please, just use common sense and proper judgment.  If any situation arises please report the incident to your team captain or league officer.  Team Captains, if any situation is reported to you please inform the league officers without delay.


Starting Time/Playoffs


League bowling starts at 6:30 PM. (Practice starts at 6:20 PM) Bowlers are permitted a 3-frame grace period.  If a bowler is still missing after 3 full frames, the bowler will be considered absent for that game.



The league will consist of 10 Mixed Teams.  There must be at least 1 woman and 1 man on each team at the start and throughout the season.  There will be an exception if a team is lacking a female/male and is carrying a vacancy...  If there is a bowler on the waiting list he/she may bowl for that team, thus causing and all male/female team. 


The league will be split into 2 Divisions (Raw & Smackdown) with 5 teams in each division.  The divisions are filled based on the prior year final standings: i.e. 1st place team goes into the Raw division, 2nd place team, goes into the Smackdown division, etc. The season will be divided into halves.  The first place team of each division at the end of the 1st half and the first place team of each division at the end of the 2nd half will roll in the playoffs which will take place on week 34.  The 2 Raw division winners will bowl each other with the winner advancing to the championship to face the winner of the 2 Smackdown division matchup.  The Championship will be the Saturday following week 34.  In the event of a team winning both halves they will have a bye in the playoffs and automatically be in the Championship. If the teams win both halves in both divisions the two teams have the option of bowling the championship on Week 34 or still having it the week after.


Inclement Weather Guidelines

The Snow committee (which is the league officers) will make a decision if bowling should be cancelled.  Jordan Lanes will be contacted by 4:00 PM.  The Team Captains will then be called and will be responsible for contacting their individual team members.  The Captains will be receiving Team Sign-up sheets with necessary team information, such as names and phone numbers.



Length of Season


The season will consist of 34 weeks total. The last week 34will be playoff round; The Championship Roll Off will be the “35th” Week (only the two teams in the championship will be bowling).  Unless the same team in each division wins both halves and elects to bowl the championship on week 34.



A league bowler shall establish their average after bowling their first 3 games.

Their book average of at least 21 games or average from last season of bowling shall be used for handicapping purposes on the first night of bowling.


Any new bowlers coming in the league after the first week shall use their book average of at least 21 games for their first night, unless they have paced in the league earlier in the season. If the bowler has paced in the bowling season the average they establish will be used.


Any bowler without a book average or that has not paced earlier in the season will use the Vacancy average of 150 for handicap purposes for their first night of competition and scores will not count for that evening.  Then, after that whatever their average is shall be used for future weeks.


Team Captain Responsibilities


1.      Represent their team at all meetings, including relaying any messages back to the team.  The Captain must relay any cancellations.

2.      Be present at the scorer’s table in the 10th frame of each game.  The Captain must sign the recap sheet.

3.      Collect bowling dues from the team members at the start of bowling and double-check pay envelope.  After checking envelope Captain will initial envelope, after initialing envelope Captain will be responsible for any discrepancies.

4.      Captains are responsible to get teams’ pay envelope to the League Manager by the end of the 1st game

5.      Captains are responsible for the behavior of teammates.  If a problem occurs and the Captain can’t resolve it, contact a League Officer.  Behavior detrimental to other bowlers and to the bowling league will NOT be tolerated!!  (See also amendment 316 A)

6.      A copy of these By-Laws will be given to each Captain, and will be on the league website.  The Captain must maintain this copy throughout the season and make it available to his/her teammates.  If a copy is misplaced contact the League Secretary for a new copy.

7.      If a replacement is needed on a team, contact any League Officer.  Any and all replacements are subject to the discretion of the Officers.

8.      League amendment to USBC rule 107c A captain may replace a player during an evening (not during a started game) if the player is injured or must leave due to extreme circumstances.





Individual Handicap will be 90% of 200.  Handicap on the first evening of bowling will be determined by last year’s book average (or summer average of at least 21 games).  If bowler has no book average then a score of 150 shall be used to determine handicap for the first week of bowler entering the league



Forfeits/Losing a Bowler/Team Rosters


2 bowlers must be present to constitute a team. Any substitute bowlers from the league can be used providing they have an established average (Book Average or if bowled in the league for the current season.) If 1 or less are present on a team, that team will forfeit 7 points.  The opposing team will gain all 7 points for the evening provided they have a legal lineup.  In the event of having an uneven amount of teams causing a vacant team.  Any team bowling the vacant team must bowl within 50 pins of the team average to win points.  If the team fails to bowl within 50 pins of their team average no points will be awarded and be recorded as unearned points.  USBC Rule 104D


Injury rule:  if a bowler is to be considered injured (and the absent scores count towards the legal lineup), the bowler must be out a minimum of 3 weeks in a row (Can be before or after the match they are declared injured).  An injured bowler’s average will count towards the legal line up and will count as bowler that is present.  If the bowler is not out for 3 weeks the scores will revert to absent scores and may cause a forfeit situation.


Multiplayer rosters allow each team to have a total of 9 players which would consist of 5 regular players and 4 subs.  Subs may be used throughout the season to prevent forfeits.  If a team does not have the full 4 subs and would like to add sub(s) during the season, the team must contact the league secretary at least one week before the new sub(s) plan(s) to bowl. Established subs do not need to notify league secretary when bowling. Subs will be permitted to bowl in the playoffs providing they have at least 21 games of bowling in this league. Subs may bowl for any team (must have captain’s permission first)


Missing Bowlers

A bowler who resigns from the league must give 2 weeks notice to a League Officer.  If notice is not given, the bowler is responsible for the bowling fees for 2 weeks.  The League will contact the local association if the 2 weeks are not paid. The bowler will forfeit any prize money for the season.


If a bowlers’ absence continues for more than 3 weeks due to injury, Military Duty, pregnancy, or a change in work schedule the bowler may remain a member of the League, provided fees are kept up to date.  The bowler will then be eligible to participate in social functions and be eligible for Awards, Trophies, or Monies.  A substitute will be provided if one is available.


If a bowler is absent for 3 straight weeks without notifying their team captain or an Officer, an attempt to contact the bowler will be made.  If the bowler cannot be contacted, the position on the team will be vacated and a replacement will be found.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is set up to check the Treasurer’s records at specified times to verify incomes, expenditures and balances.  This committee ensures the league’s funds have been deposited and disbursed as directed, records have been accurately and completely kept, and expenses have been paid.  The Audit Committee is the President.





Bowling Fees


The cost per bowler is $15.00 per week.  $9.40  goes to the house to pay for bowling, $4.50 goes into the League Treasury to pay for the Banquet, Awards, Parties, Prize Fund etc., $1.00 goes into an extra payout at the end of the year (for the 4 teams entering the playoffs & Holiday Party), and 10¢ goes towards Secretary/Treasurer Fee. 


Dues must be paid weekly, or in advance.  If a bowler becomes 3 weeks overdue that particular bowler will not be allowed to bowl, until the money is caught up (unless prior arrangements are made with the league manager).  If the bowler does not pay the dues up he/she will be suspended from the League and will not be eligible for any awards, monies, and may not attend any social functions until dues are up to date.  The bowler will also be reported to the USBC for suspensions (Rule 115b Pg. 40) if any extenuating circumstances arise, notify the League Manager, Kevin Reichenbach.

Any excess funds remaining after all debts are paid will be returned to the bowlers at the banquet in equal shares according to the number of weeks bowled.

Payment by check is acceptable, please make check payable to Saturday Nite Live.  Any bounced checks shall result in loss of payment by check and a bounced check fee of $25.00.  Then, only cash will be accepted from that bowler.


Trophies and Awards


League Championship Trophies - will be given to the team that wins the playoff round.

Individual Trophies- Bowlers must bowl at least 66 games to be eligible.


League Awards

High Average Bowler - Man & Woman

Most Improved Bowler - Man & Woman


A base of last year’s average will be used.  If no average from last year is available, then the average after 21 games bowled will be used.


Class Awards- Based on last year’s average or the average after 21 games are bowled. 

Awarded to both Men & Women Class A, B, & C

High Scratch Game, High Scratch Series, High Handicap Game, High Handicap Series

Bowlers are eligible for only one award, excluding Most Improved Bowler and High Average.  The “Trophy Committee” is Kevin & Joellen Reichenbach.


Team Awards - $50.00 will be given to the team with the highest Scratch Series and highest Handicap Series.  (A team cannot win both)


$25.00 will be given out to the team with the highest Scratch Game and the highest Handicap Game. (A team cannot win both)





Bowling Banquet


The “Banquet Committee” is Kevin and Joellen Reichenbach.  Awards, Trophies, and Monies will be presented at that time.  The banquet is tentatively scheduled for June 24, 2017 (more info will be available during the season)

Each bowler may bring a guest (or guests) at a cost to be determined by the banquet committee later this season.  The names of all Guests and the money must be turned in to the Committee no later than April 29, 2017.  No money will be refunded it the bowler does not attend or sign up a guest and guest does not attend. 




Miscellaneous Notes


All bowlers will be invited back the following season provide:


She/he is in good standing with the Treasury

She/he is not detrimental to other bowlers and the league.


The Hall of Fame presentations (If any) will be held December 17, 2016


Team Rosters are binding once the League starts.  Changes may not be made unless approved by 100% of the League Officers.  If changes are planned during the off-season notify the League Manager, Kevin Reichenbach 610-703-6416 as soon as possible.


Standing Sheets

Standing sheets will be given out weekly and available on the Internet at (League ID 6012) or (League ID 1924), or on our league website  League e-mail  Also, you can visit our page on Facebook. If you follow the league on Twitter you will get standing updates right away.



!!! Good Luck and Good Bowling!!!!!


Kevin Reichenbach

Saturday Nite Live League Manager

CC: League Officers,

 Team Captains,

Jordan Lanes